1st Annual Smokehouse Homebrew Competition

Welcome to the first annual Smokehouse Homebrew Competition. We love good beer and we really like having a wide selection of beer styles to choose from. To that end we have decided to put on a BJCP sanctioned event to get Maritime homebrewers to send us their best Strong Bitter brews to be judged with the winning recipe being scaled up and brewed as a Smokehouse Special Edition.

Ask for details or checkout our website to learn more!

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Apple Town Kitchen Party

Apple Town Kitchen Party is a traditional Pilsner made exclusively for Kellock’s Restaurant in Berwick, NS. A crisp, clean and refreshing Pilsner that pares well with all menu items. Appletown Kitchen Party is a house favorite.

Staff Meeting Ale

Staff Meeting Ale is house beer for The Union Street Restaurant in Berwick, NS. A traditional Pub style ale with slight notes of Oats in the finish, pares well with most Pub style menus.

Smoken IPA

6.9 % ABV   |   55 IBU   |   473 ml

A highly hopped American IPA with a nice balance of malts and bitters. With a healthy dose of Citra, Cascade, and Warrior hops this is a favorite with the IPA drinkers.

Roxy Red Ale

4.9 % ABV   |   13 IBU   |   473 ml

Traditional Irish Red Ale has a nice amber to red appearance with a slight hop aroma. Brewed with traditional 2 row malted barley and Cara red specialty malt. Named after our long time family dog Roxy. The Red Ale is the perfect pairing to accompany your meal.

Red River Rye IPA

6.3 % ABV   |   56 IBU   |   473 ml

A unique twist on a mainstream rye beer, Red River Rye incorporates the flavors of Red River cereal with lots of oats, wheat and rye malt which creates a complex malt profile complimented by spicy, citrus, pine flavors from the hops. This addition to the Smokehouse lineup is provided by fellow Brewer Tim Peters.

Punch Hill Porter

5.2 % ABV   |   30 IBU   |   473 ml

A classic style Porter created by fellow Brewer Gerald Peters. For those Porter fans this is well balanced with just enough smoked malt to bring together the flavors of the British malts. A very nice sipping style brew.

Patio Zinger

5.1 % ABV   |   29 IBU   |   473 ml

A traditional German Pilsner with a unique twist. This refreshing light beer has a very distinct flavor of Cranberries and orange which provides a nice light and tarty finish. Best enjoyed on a patio on a hot Summer day.

Litehouse Lager

3.8 % ABV   |   9 IBU   |   473 ml

Nice light American Lager with slight malt tones and a crisp finish. At 3.8 % ABV and 102 calories, this refreshing beer’s recipe was created and fine tuned for those who enjoy drinking light beers.

Harvest Cider

5.1 % ABV   |   473 ml

A traditional apple cider with the addition of peaches, makes for a clean, crisp refreshing finish that’s not too sweet or dry. The Harvest Cider is an excellent showcase to the local fruit finding its way into our products.

Fireside APA

4.9 % ABV   |   44 IBU   |   473 ml

A classic all American Pale Ale with a nice light bodied finish. With a good healthy dose of traditional North American hops it has just enough hop balance for this style of Ale.

Famous Amos IPA

6.2 % ABV   |   54 IBU   |   473 ml

An easy drinking IPA with a nice balance of hops and malts. Not overly hopped with only 54 IBU it has a noticeable bite but not overpowering the British Malts. Named after our miniature wire-haired Dachshund, who’s characteristics accompanies that of the IPA.

Erdbeere Pilsner

4.9 % ABV   |   13 IBU   |   473 ml

Traditional German Pilsner with the aroma and flavor of strawberries in the background. The Hallertau hops provide a nice traditional German bitters that balances well with the Strawberry addition. Erdbeere is German for Strawberry.

Cottage Cream Ale

5 % ABV   |   14 IBU   |   473 ml

A nice clean crisp light ale with subtle notes of corn. A classic style Cream Ale that is best enjoyed on a hot Summer day while relaxing at the Cottage.

Bigboy Kickstarter DIPA

9 % ABV   |   120 IBU   |   473 ml

A heavily hopped DIPA with enormous amounts of North American hops and malts including a good dose of local Honey. This DIPA is surprisingly smooth and well complimented with a nice juicy hop profile.

Big Electric Blonde

4.8 % ABV   |   24 IBU   |   473 ml

An easy drinking light malt Ale with a delicious hop aroma and mild bitters. Made with traditional British malted barley and a combination of traditional and modern hop varieties. This recipe comes to the Smokehouse compliments of fellow brewer Gerald Peters.

Beerwick Brown Ale

5.2 % ABV   |   24 IBU   |   473 ml

A traditional American Brown Ale with notes of chocolate and slight smoke finish. The Beerwick has proven and continues to be a staple brew in the Smokehouse lineup.

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